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Co-founder and CEO of Range, on a mission to help teams work better together. Prior to Range I was the Head of Engineering of Medium and before that a Staff Engineer at Google.

On Workplace Productivity

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The psychology behind why some leaders reject remote work

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Dispersed Teams Succeed Fast, Fail Slow

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Interesting research and things to keep an eye out on your remote teams. How do we more efficiently fail?

  • Dispersed teams spent less time and went through fewer iterations before reaching success than the co-located teams
  • Co-located teams don’t need to make an extra coordination effort to complete their project, therefore they have fewer incentives to work efficiently.
  • Co-located teams moved on to other projects more quickly than dispersed teams, which kept working on failed projects for more iterations before abandoning them.
  • Dispersed teams invested more effort in the projects early in the process than non-dispersed teams, which would make them prey to the sunk-cost fallacy and risk an escalation of commitment.

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[Sneak Peak] Companies that are going fully remote, hybrid, or back to the office.

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According to a Microsoft’s Work Trend report, 73% of workers want flexible remote options to continue. Furthermore, companies’ willingness to support flexible work is becoming a major factor in choosing where to work. In one company I talked to, 50% of employees said they’d quit if forced to return to the office.

Given these stats, I was curious to find out what different companies are planning, so dug through the internet and talked to people we know and started putting together a list.

This is an unlisted draft. I have 30 companies listed so far and would love you to share your team's plans.

You can see the data here: https://www.range.co/blog/post-covid-reopening-plans

And submit your company here: https://forms.gle/Bnd9aiFVgt1dX32n9

[April 22 at 10am PT/1pm ET] Hybrid Tech Teams in Action: How to tackle the era of flexible work

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The last year has forced everyone to be more flexible with how, when, and where we work. And while it looks like some companies are planning to role back some of these changes, overwhelmingly it looks like hybrid is here to stay.

I’ll be chatting with Terminal co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer Dylan Serota about how companies can best adapt to this new era of flexible and how to put hybrid teams into action.

I’d love to have some of our community there to join in on the conversation.

You can register here:

Post-Pandemic Silicon Valley Isn't A Place

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Remote work has been on the rise for decades, we forget that the 2008 recession caused a big increase. Obviously the pandemic accelerated these trends massively and a lot of people have been asking "what happens when things return to normal?"

This report from Initialized Capital has some interesting data and insights.

> Two-thirds of our portfolio companies will still use an office, but we’ll see a huge step change pre- and post-pandemic, with more than one-third of companies moving to a fully remote or decentralized model. 

How's your team preparing for the post-pandemic world? Do you want to go back to the office?



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Welcome to Lead Time. A community for engineering leaders who aspire to create better working environments for their teams; who want to build work cultures where personal growth and company growth go hand-in-hand, where productivity and well-being are not in conflict, and where everyone feels empowered to do their best work.

This community grew from the desire for a place where we can all learn from each other, discuss ideas, and share challenges. Too many managers are thrown into the role without adequate support or training. The line manager in particular is one of the most overworked and under supported roles in our industry, yet they have an outside impact on a team’s ability to be effective and for individuals to feel happy and engaged in their work.

Our aim is to create a space where we can share experiences and resources, and support each other as we collectively map the road to “better.” We will facilitate contributions from luminaries across the industry and offer discussion prompts to get your brain going. Our hope is that this can become a watering hole where you can drop by as frequently as you want and connect with people who understand what you’re going through.

Lead Time is sponsored and moderated by the team at Range. We’re engineers trying to make life for engineering teams better, and have been longing for a community like this, so we thought we’d make it ourselves. 

We will also have zero-tolerance for bullying, trolling, or unkind behavior. If you see behavior in conflict with our values and code of conduct, please bring it to our attention and we will take action immediately.

Thanks for wanting to make the workplaces of tomorrow, better than they are today.

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